Transparency Report

On TGE (May 12th) a total of 40.5% $FOC tokens (405,000,000) were minted and saved to a few designated addresses according to our token allocations (see table below). The ownership of the $FOC token contract was then transferred to our main farming contract, which means the remaning 59.5% $FOC tokens (595,000,000) could only be obtained by yield farming.

The distribution of 40.5% $FOC tokens were saved in the following wallet addresses initially, and will be soon migrated to time lock contracts based on the following updated vesting plans.

Private & Public Sale Address: 0xA485Cf1366068BA1550508E20A342fd69099B549

  • Usage: this is the 5.5% $FOC that were sold to private and public round investors. To see the list of investors please visit our website's homepage.

  • Vesting Plan

    • For Private Round Investors: 25% initially released on TGE, then 12.5% unlock per month for 6 months

    • For IDOs on Launchzone, DuckStarter and BSCPad: 100% release on TGE

    • For IDO on Bondly: 50% release on TGE, and 50% unlock one month after TGE

  • Migration Plan: The remaining 75% of Private Round tokens will be migrated to a timelock contract

Team & Advisors Address: 0x42F5d326f7dFc5460479a9fE6cb220e5a243D2Ae

  • Usage: this is the 5.0% $FOC that were reserved for team and advisors rewards

  • Vesting Plan: Unlock from Oct 2021, 8.33% per month for 12 months

  • Migration Plan: 100% will be migrated to a timelock contract

Liquidity Providing Address: 0xC6F93a68098a2A5363125D8A52B411FA35bfD590

  • Usage: this is the 5.0% $FOC that were reserved for providing liquidity on DEXs like Pancake, and CEXs like etc.

  • Vesting Plan: No vesting. All transfers are accounted for DEX or CEX.

  • Migration Plan: No migration needed.

Marketing & Partnerships: 0x945ed7d15f009D2c5D78439c0E488de27f317d30

  • Usage: this is the 3.0% $FOC rewards for AMAs events, media airdrops, media partners/advisors,, and other community promotions rewards.

  • Vesting Plan: For media partners/advisors, 8.33% release per month for a total of 12 months. No vesting for other rewards.

  • Migration Plan: For media partners/advisors, 91.66% tokens will be migrated to a timelock contract

Community Rewards Address: 0x088D33C8467D089e217D996E4cE54ED83B48089f

  • Usage: this is the 20.0% $FOC rewards for our community which can be distributed via community airdrops, bounty hunting, and other various community events.

  • Vesting Plan: No vesting needed.

  • Migration Plan: This part will be unlocked when DAO feature is fully developed. FOC holders will be able to vote on how to spend those rewards on community rewards.

Operation & Maintenance Address: 0xD128e4EEE88F08fB071324A33dB6274F53194680

  • Usage: this is the 2.0% $FOC rewards reserved for the continuous operation and maintenance of our website and community operations, which can be distributed to community managers, website developers, business development managers, and technical consultants at the discretion of TheForce Team. The continous spending of BNB as gas fees for auto-compounding will also be paid through this address.

  • Vesting Plan: No vesting needed.

  • Migration Plan: No migration needed.

SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) Address: 0xbE6301F4b17c210D2d6B89dE469A6Cd628f7c308

  • Usage: this is the $FOC tokens that were paid by our users for their NFT Purchase on our platform. Our team is committed to the long-term value of $FOC tokens so we will use this emergency insurance fund to support the growth of the project and protect the interest of the community members.

  • Vesting Plan: No vesting needed.

  • Migration Plan: No migration needed.

Appendix: $FOC Allocations

Allocation Name


Private & Public Sale


Marketing & Partnerships


Liquidity Reserve


Community Rewards


Teams & Advisers


Yield Farming Rewards


Operation & Maintenance


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