Team and Advisers

Do you have a team?

Our team is made up of a group of developers, financial professionals and community managers who run as an anonymous DAO team.

What's the background of key team members?

  • Peter (Co-Founder & CEO) has years of exeprience working as Senior Executive in Fintech companies and provides leadership to the project team at both strategic and operational level.

  • Benjamin (Co-Founder & CFO) is from a traditional Fund Management background and brings a wealth of financial experience and expertise to the project team, having worked with some of the largest names in financial services industry.

  • Charles (CTO) is a former Google engineer who enjoys the new challenges brought by the emerging blockchain technology and designing innovative solutions to provide the best user experience.

  • Liam (Senior Engineer) is a former Facebook Engineer and a full stack web developer with years of expertise in React JS, Solidity, Node.js and building RESTFUL web services.

  • Kellan (Lead Scientist) has a PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence and has been doing years of research in applying machine learning algorithms in blockchain apps.

What's the background of the Advisers?

We have a number of individual and corporate advisers who provide valuable insights and recommendations to us in terms of Community Governance, Contract Security, Product Design/User Experience, as well as Market Value Management.

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