DeFi Projects Review System

Farming Pool Classification and Ranking

With the mining pool as the basic unit, the risk rating and return rate of the mining pool are clearly indicated and sorted, and displayed to the user in the form of a list ranking, so that the user can quickly find a suitable mining pool for investment at a glance.

Segment Classification and Screening

Different DeFi projects are classified into different sections like Dex/AMM, staking/lending, smart pools, stable coins, derivatives, NFT, oracle, etc., so our users will be able to understand market changes instantly.

Risk Evaluation

The data of each project will be collected and presented on a visually sorted page. We use qualifiable evaluation indicators like team experience, impermanent loss, development capability, contract security risk to assess and rate projects. Meanwhile, some revenue indicators like total value locked, daily rate of return, gas fee consumption etc., are used to help beginners who are not familiar with DeFi risks and returns to learn about high-quality projects, reduce investment risks and see rate of return with transparency and confidence.

Warning Signals

The integrated mining pools set alerts for price volatility, monitor real-time data on chain such as massive funds activities, fund transfers by project party, changes in the number of active users, so as to maximise users’ gain while ensuring fund security.

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