Customisable Smart Contracts

Traditionally in any DeFi project, Smart Contracts are written and tested by programmers while app users usually have no way of controlling how the Smart Contracts work. However sometimes such inflexibility may also create problems for certain users who would like to cutomise certain elements of the Smart Contracts behind the project but they are unable to do so.

Therefore, we would like to propose the option for our users to customise certain arguments of the Smart Contracts they wish to interact with (although our users have the option to use our ready-made Smart Contracts!). Take an NFT token as an example.

Choose the Chain

On most NFT auction platforms it is not possible to choose which chain to delopy your unique token because their system is only built on one Chain. So if you want to sell your artwork NFT in ETH, you might find it difficult to attract buyers who hold BNB assets. With our Platform, the artwork owner will be able to choose which chain to deploy and sell their NFTs.

Choose Auction Timeframe and Price Range

function createAuction(
        uint256 _tokenId,
        uint256 _highestPrice,
        uint256 _lowestPrice,
        uint256 _duration,
        address _seller

So the Seller can set their own price range and duration for the auction.

Set Time Lock

    modifier futureTimelock(uint256 _time) {
        // only requirement is the timelock time is after the last blocktime (now).
        // probably want something a bit further in the future then this.
        // but this is still a useful sanity check:
        require(_time > now + _duration, "timelock time must be met");

The Seller can set when to lock the NFT until a specific time.

Setting Bid Mode

 function bid(uint256 _tokenId)
        // set bid mode, e.g. Open Auction, Close Auction, Dutch Auction etc.

Mixture of Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens

What if the Seller wants to sell a mix of Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens? ERC1155 is a novel token standard that aims to take the best from previous standards to create a fungibility-agnostic token contract. We will provide the Seller with the flexibility to define their own conditions for this ERC1155 contract.

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