NFT broke the barrier between the world of blockchain cryptocurrency and the real world, broke the barriers between the digital world and the real world, bridged the two worlds, and introduced the traditional business and industry of the real world to the blockchain world, and completely overturned the traditional business world.

NFT Creation and Deployment

TheForce.Trade will launch a customisable NFT Creation and Deployment tool to ease the process of creating non-fungible tokens from artworks. The platform will also provide cryptocurrency wallets, custody, exchange and other services so that Beginners who do not understand the blockchain or cryptocurrencies can easily access the world of NFTs

High-End NFT Auction

TheForce.Trade will work with internationally renowned game manufacturers, artists and designers to launch their works in NFT and provide them with services such as the use of digital wallets, NFT custody and monetisation. We will establish a high-end NFT boutique auction platform to sell digital works, allowing inexperienced crypto beginners to easily access the world of NFT. To summarise, we aim to provide artists with an exclusive high-end NFT one-stop-shop trading platform.

NFT Mining

NFT works purchased on TheForce.Trade platform can be staked into yield farming pools to incentivise liquidity providing and circulation in order to empower NFTs with greater value appreciation.

NFT Dashboard and Oracles

The blooming emergence of NFT has attracted lots of new projects, along with the need for NFT data and oracle to provide timely information and price feeding. Our platform will offer information searchi and oracle to fulfill the needs of all NFT users.

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